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small business copywriting

Are you a business owner with loads of time on your hands?

I didn’t think so.

When you’re running a business, the tasks are never ending.

Take your website copy for example:

  • Your website should explain what you do, the benefits of what you do, and how you do it.
  • The copy should be crafted to make you stand out from the pack.
  • The words need to be written with SEO in mind.
  • Not only that, but your website copy must use the right tone of voice and speak to your customers in an engaging way.
  • And it goes without saying that you want it written well.

It’s harder than it looks.

Plus, there are consequences if you don’t nail your business copywriting. As in, you risk losing potential clients and customers.


Why choose my business copywriting service?

  • I’m an experienced business copywriter who writes for small business, government and non-profits.
  • Research is my thing. I’ll research your SEO keywords, your competitors, and industry trends.
  • I genuinely enjoy uncovering business stories and working with business owners. That’s why most of my work comes from word-of-mouth referrals.
  • I’m warm, approachable and reliable. And I always keep to our deadlines.
  • I’m also affordable. I’m not a big agency with big agency overheads.

every package includes:

  • A call with me, so I can find out about you and your business.
  • Research – I get to know your business and what your competitors are doing.
  • Benefit-focused copywriting. I make sure we uncover your customer needs and how your business solves them.
  • SEO research, also known as Search Engine Optimisation. I research this for you and make sure your website copy includes the keywords your customers are using.
  • Two rounds of changes for free (within 14 days of you receiving the first draft).

book a free call

I’d love to talk through your project.

There’s no obligation, so feel free to book a time so we can chat.


“Penny’s initial questions allowed us to provide a detailed brief about the tone we wanted for our website as well as background info we thought would be helpful.  Then we met and found Penny to be an excellent listener and collaborator, keen to workshop ideas to find the right ‘voice’ and generous with her time. Speedy turnaround time from Penny meant that first draft to final copy was achieved inside a week.

All these qualities combined with Penny’s writing talent has resulted in content that uses keywords to improve our SEO and is spot on in tone, quality and quantity.  Penny’s writing describes our business, Skippers at Dundee, in a way that builds interest and enthusiasm.  Talented, professional and collaborative, Penny is someone we would highly recommend and would love to work with again.”

Cath Kelly


Business Copywriting Packages

The picolo  $997+gst

Enough to kick you off

3 pages of website copy (Home, About, Services)

30-60 min briefing call

Audience + competitor research

SEO keyword research

Two rounds of revisions


Included for free:

Contact page

Google My Business Checklist

The espresso  $1397+gst

The power to keep you going

5 pages of website copy (Home, About, + 3 service/other pages)

30-60 min briefing call

Audience + competitor research

SEO keyword research

Two rounds of revisions


Included for free:

Contact page

Google My Business Checklist

The cappucino  $1997+gst

Rocket fuel for your business

8 pages of website copy (Home, About, + 6 service/other pages)

30-60 min briefing call

Audience + competitor research

SEO keyword research

Two rounds of revisions


Included for free:

Contact page

Google My Business Checklist

frequently asked questions

How will we work together?

Here’s how it goes:

  • I send you a website brief, with questions about your business.
  • We go through the brief via phone or Zoom. It’s an enjoyable process, not a formal interview.
  • I send you an email summarising our conversation.
  • When you’ve agreed to the scope, it’s time for me to research and write the first draft. 
  • You have 14 days to make changes to the first draft. 
  • I work on the changes and polish the final copy.

Then your web copy is ready to go!

How long does it take?

I usually have the first draft done in 7 working days of your sign-off. The whole project takes about 21 days from start to finish, but it can be much faster – depending on when you send your feedback through.

Do we have to talk or can I just send you notes?

You can send me lots of notes and information – in fact, I prefer it when people do. But I never write a website without talking to the business owner. That’s because all sorts of wonderful things happen in conversation, such as turns of phrase, insights and ideas.

In my experience, a good job requires an in-depth conversation.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, I require a 50% deposit before I start work. The remainder is due when I send the first draft.

What if my website doesn’t fit your package offerings?

No problem! Just give me a call and we can talk through it.


My other services



Sustainability Copywriting

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case studies

Case studies are highly effective because they come from a trusted source – your happy customer. You can repurpose them too, which makes them great value. 




book a free discovery call

I’m happy to chat with you about your project – there’s NO obligation, salesy stuff or pressure.