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Are you full of ideas but stuck for words?

You work hard in your business. You believe in your products and services. You just need to make your customers understand what you do and why they should choose you. 

It sounds easy, but it isn’t.  

Here’s something I see time and time again.

  • A beautiful website, let down by words that don’t work.
  • A great product or service, poorly explained.
  • A brochure that confuses the audience.
  • A business that doesn’t connect with customers.
  • A great cause starved of funding.

All because the words aren’t doing their job.

Stop losing customers – let me help you!

Hi, I’m Penny

I believe that communication is everything, but it’s nothing without clear, compelling language. That means finding the right words, whether they’re for a website, a video script, or a business presentation.

Find out how to use my skills for your writing project.

seo business copywriting

I specialise in SEO copywriting  for Australian small business.  I provide:

  • Website copy that brings in more visitors and more customers.
  • Content that keeps your audience front and centre.

I do this through careful listening, robust research and decades of experience.

Use the right words and you can change your business – and your life.





Business Copywriting

I specialise in writing business website copy that is streamlined, simple and straightforward. I’ll help you understand your customers and speak to them in their words.

seo content writing

Targeted guides, e-books, and blogs can raise your profile and bring in customers. I’ll research your subject, figure out the keywords and write the lot. I’ll help you with content strategy too.


sustainability copywriting

The world needs your green business to get the message out and succeed. This is the mission that makes my heart sing. I’ll make your copy sing too.


all about you


Writing about yourself is hard! That’s why it’s great to get a copywriter to help out with your LinkedIn profile, website or speaker’s bio.


case studies

Case studies are highly effective because they come from a trusted source – your happy customer. You can repurpose them to serve your business goals, which makes them great value. 




I’m an experienced editor. I can proofread your report or check out your blog posts, give your brochure a make-over or polish your website.


book a free call

Or send me an email. I’d love to have a chat about your project. No pressure, no obligation and no salesy stuff.